Fairly new to the CE standard is the focus on VOC emissions, emissions of volatile organic compounds that can affect healthy indoor environment of homes. The problem of VOC emissions has only recently emerged, by our concern for energy saving and environmentally friendly building.

VOC is the generic name for a lot of substances that are present in all materials in our environment and that evaporate easily. These substances themselves are not new, they have always been there. However, when building or renovating these days, we try to avoid that air comes in or goes out of our home unchecked. That is why VOCs dwell in our homes for much longer than they used to. Some of these agents (e.g. Formaldehyde) are known to have harmful effects on human health.

These VOCs can be released from certain varnishes, adhesives or finishing products. Therefore it is very important to ventilate the room properly when installing or finishing a floor.

In Europe, there is no uniform test system to determine VOC emissions. Lalegno did however test its products in Germany and France, two pioneers in the field of VOC emissions. Since for the production of our flooring we only use adhesives and finishing products with very low emissions, our floors have achieved the Ü-Zeichen by DIBt in Germany and in France were assigned the A + label.