Correctly installing and oiling engineered wood flooring

Installing and maintaining Parador floorings is uncomplicated and easy to learn, even for hobby DIY enthusiasts. So that everything goes quickly and smoothly, our experts will show you the right techniques and tricks for installing your Parador floor covering at this point.


Your new Parador engineered wood flooring must adapt to the new room climate for at least 48 hours at over 17 degrees Celsius. Please also note the individual product information during installation. The substrate should be dry, solid, level and free of loose old floor coverings. We will be pleased to recommend a suitable underlay to compensate for small bumps and improve the room noise and footfall sound insulation.


Install the planks parallel to the incidence of light and start at the window side. For a uniform room appearance, calculate the same plank width for the first and last row. You can use spacer wedges to maintain a uniform distance to the wall. Click the planks into each other and finish with a hammer and protective block as required.

Finishing off and particular things to consider during installation

For heating pipes you should mark the position on the plank and drill a 10 mm hole. Then saw out a diagonal piece, install the plank and put it back in place with some glue. If necessary, shorten door frames that are too long with a handsaw. The expansion joint should also be maintained at door transitions and should be covered with a profile.


Fitting the Parador skirtings is quick and easy thanks to the drilling template. First remove the spacer wedges and then attach the moulding clips every 40 – 50 cm using the template. The skirtings can now be pushed onto the clips from above. Now your new Parador engineered wood flooring is finished and can be used straight away.

Correctly oiling engineered wood flooring

For maintaining oiled Parador engineered wood flooring, the substrate must be clean and dry. The well shaken care oil should be applied thinly from the edge without interruptions and within 30 minutes. Then it should dry well according to the manufacturer's instructions. In the case of highly textured engineered wood flooring, apply the oil with a roller and allow to dry for 8 –10 hours. (The video is in German, but may still help.)

Adviser engineered wood flooring