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Parador South Africa

Experts Since 1977.

Our aim is simple, to guide you on making the correct decision for your flooring.

We are a leading international interiors brand born out of passion and desire to design extraordinary spaces in a sustainable way. Working directly with the design industry and retail, we offer high quality flooring solutions for our clients looking for a modern and premium aesthetic for their home.

Why Choose Parador Flooring?

We import our flooring boards from our two production sites in Germany and Austria to South Africa. At the heart of Parador we manufacture premium anti-scratch and water-repellant flooring planks with the highest quality and design with sustainability in mind. With decades of expertise, our precision and craftsmanship are unrivalled.

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Professional Flooring Installation

Our team will guide you on the best method for installing new floors in your home

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Contact us for a free assessment on your floor. We offer installation services for flooring. We do assessments within a 50km radius from Paarden Eiland

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Find us in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Pretoria, Centurion, and Germany

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our products, our services or the ordering process? We have compiled the most important questions and answers for you here, sorted by topic.


DIY Flooring Tips

Buy your floor, scan the code on the box and learn how to install your floor. Otherwise browse our knowledge center on how to install flooring.

Durable, Affordable, Versatile, Water-Resistant

Laminate Flooring

With decors inspired by real wood, our high-quality laminate floors are durable, anti-scratch, water-resistant, and eco-friendly

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Resilient, Stylish, Waterproof

Vinyl Flooring

Our range includes vinyl glue down, and vinyl with SPC backing and bonding to provide the ideal flooring for all requirements.

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  • Transform your space with the timeless sophistication of grey flooring. This versatile color creates a serene, contemporary ambiance and effortlessly highlights architectural features. Embrace the chic, enduring allure of grey to elevate your interior. Explore our mood board for inspiration.

    Grey Flooring 
  • Grey, positioned between black and white, embodies neutrality, objectivity, and impartial judgment. It represents fairness and truth, often associated with the judicial system. Explore our mood board to discover how grey's balanced essence can bring a sense of harmony and sophistication to your space.

    Light Grey Flooring 
  • Grey exudes calm, sophistication, and wisdom, making it a cornerstone of architectural design. Its neutrality and absence of color create an ideal background, perfectly complementing brighter shades. Discover how grey's timeless elegance can enhance your space in our mood board.

    Dark Grey Flooring 
  • White in interior design symbolizes newness, cleanliness, and refreshment. Bright white décor and furniture not only evoke positive characteristics but also add practical value. Explore our mood board to see how white can transform your space with its fresh and timeless elegance.

    White Flooring 
  • Earth tones create a melancholic yet soft mood, promoting warmth and safety. Symbolizing the family hearth, and eco-consciousness these colors are perfect for cozy home interiors. Explore our mood board to discover how earth tones can add a comforting touch to your home space.

    Brown Flooring 
  • Natural Oak colors symbolize longevity, strength, stability, and endurance. Associated with fertility, power, justice, and honesty, these tones bring a sense of timelessness and integrity to any space. Explore our mood board to see how Natural Oak can enhance your interior design.

    Natural Oak Brown Flooring 
  • Dark brown symbolizes wood, while light brown represents soil, both radiating energy and nurturing warmth. Used in décor, brown creates a balanced and harmonious environment. Explore our mood board to see how brown tones can enrich your space.

    Dark Brown Flooring 
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We care about our planet and are committed to constantly improving how we behave and manufacture to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Our ecological standards are high, we operate with a transparent supply-chain, and we have a holistic approach to everything we do.

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