Installing laminate flooring

Installing and maintaining Parador floorings is uncomplicated and easy to learn, even for hobby DIY enthusiasts. So that everything goes quickly and smoothly, our experts will show you the right techniques and tricks for installing your Parador floor covering at this point.


You will need these tools for installing Parador laminate flooring: folding rule, hammer, jigsaw or laminate cutter, drill and ideally the Parador MultiTool. Prior to installation, the laminate flooring must adapt to the room climate for at least 48 hours. We also offer underlays to support the ambient noise and footfall sound properties. Please also note the individual product information during installation.


The longitudinal edge of the planks should be parallel to the incidence of light. It is also important to leave a distance of 8 – 12 mm from the wall during installation so that the laminate flooring can expand. The first row should be installed particularly precisely as the basis for a perfect end result. Thanks to our MultiTool and the Safe-Lock PRO click system, the laminate flooring is quick and easy to install!

Finishing off and particular things to consider during installation

The planks of the last row must be sawn to the correct width and any door frames must be shortened if necessary. Then fix the door transition profile to the flooring and glue the plank. Now screw the door transition profile in place. For heating pipes, saw a piece out of the plank and glue it behind the pipe again. Now the spacer wedges can be removed and the skirtings can be fastened.


With the Parador moulding clips you get a mounting template for drilling through, so that you can easily screw the clips on. We recommend a spacing of 40 – 50 cm. Now push the skirtings onto the clips from above. By the way, you can easily lay cables behind the Parador skirtings.

Adviser laminate flooring

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