Setting standards. Living responsibility.

Whether it's resource conservation or climate change, considering human activity in conjunction with our environment has never been more critical. As a premium brand, we consciously assume responsibility in all areas where our products interact throughout their life cycle. We take a holistic approach, paying attention to how we interact with each other and our surroundings, both internally and externally. This mindset extends to our selection of materials, cooperation with partners, and treatment of employees, as we take the issue of healthy living seriously in all its dimensions. From our supply chains to working conditions and local customers, we are committed to continuous sustainable improvements.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint at our production sites by 75% by 2023

From 2023, we will only use electricity from renewable sources at our sites in Coesfeld and Gussing

We separate our waste so that 99% of it can go to reuse.

Our values

For us, valuable living also means assuming responsibility for the social and ecological effects of our actions - from the extraction of raw materials, the production conditions at the sites, theinfluence of the products on residential health to the recycling of the products at the end of their life cycle. From this understanding, we have developed our value wheel and our integrated quality and environmental policy.


Focus Area

We take Ecology responsibility by ensuring low-emission production and using the most sustainable options possible for both energy and materials.

Download Sustainability Report

Parador reports according to GRI and DNK standards

For the 2022 business year, we have prepared our first sustainability report that adheres to both GRI and DNK standards, ensuring comparability and transparency in our sustainability performance. This report underscores our commitment to responsibility for our society. Our goal is to present our sustainability information according to these globally recognized standards in the future, significantly enhancing our sustainability communication. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) promotes worldwide sustainability reporting by providing standards and guidelines for organizations to responsibly manage and transparently report on their economic, environmental, and social performance. The German Sustainability Code (DNK), another respected reporting standard, outlines minimum requirements for non-financial performance reporting. Managed by the German Council for Sustainable Development, the DNK works on behalf of the German government. We are proud to be the first company in the flooring industry to produce a DNK report, starting as early as 2021.

Parador Sustainability Report

Parador is the first company in the industry to publish a comprehensive sustainability report. You can either browse through it now or download it below.