The top decision-making body in the Association is the EPLF® Meeting of Members which convenes once a year at an international location.

They are responsible for selecting the Executive Board and the chairmen of the EPLF® Working Groups. At the Meeting of Members the Executive Board, the Working Groups and the Executive Unit of the EPLF® members present details of current Association projects and future perspectives for discussion.

The EPLF® Executive Board is responsible for the administration and coordination of all Association activities and for developing Association policy and strategy. It is responsible for contacts with decision-making bodies within and outside the Association and is the client of the Executive Unit. 

Who are the members of the Executive Board?

Chairman of the board: 
Max von Tippelskirch (Swiss Krono)

Ruben Desmet (Unilin), Chairman of the Markets + Image Committee

Member of the board:
Eberhard Herrmann (Classen), Chairman of the Technical Committee

Georg Kruse (Windmöller)