Industrial style

Industrial Style – raw beauty and urban aesthetics

Minimalism combined with untreated or used-looking materials and a touch of nostalgia – industrial chic brings together raw beauty and urban aesthetics to create a stylish interior trend that can be implemented with little effort. Because it does not have to be a spacious loft in a former factory building to bring the rough charm of this style of living into your own four walls.

Selected pieces of furniture and accessories bring industrial chic to all living environments in the twinkling of an eye. These include open wall shelves made of dark metal as well as large, sturdy pendant lights. The industrial style lives on opposites: futuristic and ephemeral, elegant and rustic, extravagant and down-to-earth, cool and warm.

Urban Aesthetics

To create this unique look, different materials such as steel, concrete, brass and wood come together. In order to give the very masculine style warmth, however, accents in strong colours should not be missing.

The flooring to match this style of living picks up on the opposites: a cool concrete or steel look underlines the factory charm and emphasises its functional chic. A dark wooden floor – ideally with a surface that is as rustic and untreated as possible – on the other hand emphasises the vintage aspect of this furnishing trend.

Basic 600 Oak Askada White Limed

Classic 1050 Oak Artdeco Vanilla

Trendtime 1 Shufflewood Wild

Trendtime 3 Multiplank Mix Natural

Basic 2.0 Oak Infinity Natural

Classic 2070 Oak Explorer Caramel

Basic 5.3 Oak Memory Natural

Trendtime 6 Lumberjack Oak

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