Ethno – Once around the world

Warm earth tones, strong spice colours, gold and silver accents and colourful pattern prints – the ethno trend combines different cultures, traditions and religions and brings the wide world into the living room with just a few simple steps. The different influences that determine this style of furnishing come from Africa, India, China, or the Arab world, and can be mixed randomly. Just as if the furniture and decorative accessories had been collected on countless journeys around the globe.

Colours play a major role in the ethno trend: warm earth tones such as terracotta, beige, Bordeaux red or olive green form a calm contrast to bright spice colours such as saffron and mustard yellow, orange or rich red. The colours with gold and silver accents show their full effect. There is no need to transform the entire room into a fairy tale from 1001 nights, because even uncomplicated accessories create an ethno atmosphere. A plaid in spice colours, coloured cushions with traditional patterns, small decorative objects like figures or masks as well as floor cushions immediately exude an exotic flair.


Round, hammered trays with candles or colourful or metallic lanterns or brown glasses styled on them are reminiscent of oriental teahouses on coffee tables or in the middle of the dining table. This table decoration is especially pretty in autumn.

Basic 600 Oak Askada White Limed

Classic 1050 Oak Artdeco Vanilla

Trendtime 1 Shufflewood Wild

Trendtime 3 Multiplank Mix Natural

Basic 2.0 Oak Infinity Natural

Classic 2070 Oak Explorer Caramel

Basic 5.3 Oak Memory Natural

Trendtime 6 Lumberjack Oak

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