One Ground

One Ground

one world – one ground

Discover places that inspire us.

Ground is a space for living and the indispensable basis for nutrition, for life, space and property. It is the basis for individual and collective human action. People dance, laugh, cry, play sports, pray, celebrate, demonstrate on the ground – practically every human activity requires ground. And we are a part of it.

Ground connects people all over the world – regardless of their origin, gender or religion. In times when people stand up together for their freedom, for justice and their personal ideals, places become meeting points where big and small stories are written and the world is changed.

For us, ground is the ultimate metaphor for understanding, diversity, tolerance and life.

In our search for locations and points of view that bring people together, we have encountered inspiring places and characters whose stories we recount here. The result is fascinating pictures and interesting reports from all over the world. We have incorporated what is special about these places into our first "One Ground Design Collection", which focuses on the story behind the ground. Eight completely new floorings have thus been created that combine the inspiration of the places with the design of your home.

Let us design our ground together: One world. One ground.


Places, people, grounds – one ground

Travel with us around the world.

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