Nordic Style

The far north is trendy

Endless fjords, murmuring forests and clear lakes – the countries of Scandinavia are characterised by their impressive nature, to which the local people have a special bond. Thus, nature is logically also the inspiration for the style of living and furnishing in the far north: clear, timeless shapes, natural materials and muted colours give the Scandi-style home a tidy, airy yet homely impression. Despite the reserved styling, the look is by no means cool. Gentle curves and straight lines form a special connection, which always appears simple and yet perfectly formed.


Materials such as wood, textiles and ceramics and discreet accessories dominate the Nordic style and provide a cosy feel. In addition to muted tones, delicate splashes of colour, for example in light blue or lime green, set special accents. The only thing is to not get too garish. The only exception is rich falu red, better known as Swedish red. This warm, bold shade provides wonderful contrasts to the otherwise restrained powder and pastel shades of the Scandi style. Striking, mostly geometric patterns on cushions and carpets reveal their full effect in front of the restrained interior design. Thanks to its calm nature, almost any flooring that you like can be combined with this style: light woods such as birch, ash or pine are a wonderful match.

Basic 600 Oak Askada White Limed

Classic 1050 Oak Artdeco Vanilla

Trendtime 1 Shufflewood Wild

Trendtime 3 Multiplank Mix Natural

Basic 2.0 Oak Infinity Natural

Classic 2070 Oak Explorer Caramel

Basic 5.3 Oak Memory Natural

Trendtime 6 Lumberjack Oak

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