Monotonous? No, monochrome!

Green sofa, blue carpet, red curtains and yellow walls – sometimes too much colour in a room can be just too much of a good thing. There is a simple and currently very popular way to get round coordinating colours: to design a room with a monochromatic colour palette. Because monochromacity bestows elegance and can be implemented in the twinkling of an eye.

Monochrome creates harmony

Monochrome interior design creates a connecting element from the very beginning. Furniture, walls and flooring in tones and shades of one colour blend together seamlessly, giving a room a calm and balanced feel. Because monochrome design has such a relaxing effect, it is often used in rooms that need an additional calming effect.

By the way, monochrome interior design offers much more than just a single colour tone. You can play with shades as well as with textures and patterns – if they originate from the same colour family. Where many patterns are usually a design no-go otherwise, monochrome offers the opportunity to mix and match as the mood takes you. The only rule: the undertones must go with each other!

For those who do not want to design a whole room from floor to ceiling in one colour, it is possible to create visual excitement by using accessories from one colour family. Monochrome decorative elements hold the room together and give it a professionally designed appearance.
So, what colour is it to be?

Flooring in line with trends

Basic 600 Oak Askada White Limed

Classic 1050 Oak Artdeco Vanilla

Trendtime 1 Shufflewood Wild

Trendtime 3 Multiplank Mix Natural

Basic 2.0 Oak Infinity Natural

Classic 2070 Oak Explorer Caramel

Basic 5.3 Oak Memory Natural

Trendtime 6 Lumberjack Oak

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