This area contains information and videos on about how to measure and fit your carpet, what equipment you need and how to care for your new floor.
If you have any other questions relating to the measuring and fitting of flooring, our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to help here.
Measuring Guide
Buying new flooring for your house is always an exciting prospect, but it can also become a big expense if not approached correctly. To relieve some of the stresses and problems of sorting out new flooring for your house, we have created a handy walkthrough guide that will help you accurately estimate the amount of flooring you will need to buy for your rooms! The simple guides below (one for standard rooms, one for stairs) will allow you to skip the possible expense of hiring a retailer to come out and measure up your room - saving time and money!

If you have any queries or questions, simply contact us and our well trained sales team will offer extra advice!
Our Basic Measuring Guide

Measuring Rooms

This guide will help you measure up and work out what amount of square meters you need to order.

Firstly there are points to understand that will help make it easier:

1. In general you just need to measure the widest and longest point of the room.

Below is an example:


The room on top features a bay window, making the room slightly odd in shape - this usually doesn't affect how you measure the room, as you measure the longest and widest bits (3.8m and 4.4m).

Once you know these measurements, you can multiply them together for Example: 3.8m X 4.4m = 16.72m2 (Square Meters) (If there is multiple rooms, do this for each room, ones completed, calculate the square meters together. From here, find your product, find the Calculator on the right hand side, select "I know the Square Meterage" then enter your total square meters, tick the box to add 10% for wastage. The Calculator will round of to the nearest box and give you, your total boxes required. Proceed to check out.

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